Yard Renovation

Get a Professional Yard Renovation from Salinas Landscaping

Salinas Landscaping can help clean up any yard or help design and plant a brand new one. Our yard renovation services is a full service landscaping, hardscaping, and plant design service to fully develop your yard and improve both the look and value of your home. Doing a yard renovation takes planning and knowledge and our landscaping and hardscape contractors can help.

What To Expect in a Yard Renovation

Sometimes a yard renovation needs to be a clean out job first, we will have to clear the existing weeds, plants, trees, and debris before we can begin. Other yard renovation projects are for new homes with absolutely nothing in the yard. Either way, a yard renovation needs a base to build on and it’s usually a clean one.

Once we have the size of the yard renovation finalized, then we take your tastes and our design skills and combine them to create a professional landscape that may include plants, vegetables, herbs, bushes, trees, shrubs, grass, and flowers. To go even further, we often recommend hardscapes for yard renovations to add structure to such a natural and green landscape. Paths, seating, BBQ’s, water features, and decorative walls are all hardscapes that can take a yard renovation to the next level.

Here are a few things we do in a yard renovation:

  • Install New Sod / Patch Existing Grass
  • Plant Flower Beds
  • Plant Bushes
  • Plant Trees
  • Stone Garden Borders
  • Hardscape Paths
  • Hardscape Seating
  • Hardscape Walls
  • Install & Plumb Water Features
  • And more

No matter the condition of your current yard, our yard renovation landscapers and hard-scapers can handle it. Landscaping and yard renovations is all we do and we take pride in our work.

For more information about Yard Renovations for your residential or commercial property, please contact Salinas Landscaping today at 630.562.4235 or fill out our easy contact form here and one of our landscaping sales representatives will get back to you.

Yard Renovations

If you’re looking for a professional yard renovation for your yard, garden, patio, or property in general, you’ve come to the right place.

“Salinas Landscaping did a full yard renovation on our new construction home and the yard looks absolutely fantastic.”

Renee B. Chicago

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