Weekly Mowing

Get Professional Weekly Mowing from Salinas Landscaping

Salinas Landscaping, Inc. can assist in keeping your lawn maintained on a weekly basis. Salinas Landscaping, Inc. offers a weekly mowing service that not only maintains your yard, but also ensures that your yard looks beautiful, and improves the general appearance of your home after we finish mowing. Using our weekly mowing services ensures that your yard will remain looking clean and trimmed.

Why go for weekly mowing?

Grass on average grows at a rate between 2 to 6 inches a month (dependent on factors like sunlight and rain). If left unchecked, grass can grow very quickly, and look bad very fast. Not only that, but letting grass grow too much can also cause strain to lawnmowers, and even damage them, not to mention that cutting taller grass would result in having to clean up a larger amount of grass clippings. It is also important that grass is not mowed too frequently. Doing so would result in the grass becoming weak, and stunting the growth of your grass, so using a weekly mowing service would give your grass enough time to grow, so that your lawn can be cut in a manner that is healthy for the grass.

When is the best time for mowing your lawn?

Generally, the best time for our residential lawn care is mid-morning. Mowing your lawn too soon can cause damage to your mower due to wet grass clogging your mower, and it leave tracks on your turf. Cutting it too late would not give your grass time to recover, so your lawn would be most prone to lawn fungus, and any other turf diseases. Cutting your lawn mid-morning, would ensure that your lawn has plenty of time to recover, and the wetness from the early morning has dried. When hiring us for our weekly mowing services, we ensure that your lawn is cut at the best time, so that your lawn can grow in the healthiest manner.

For more information on weekly mowing services, please call 630-562-4235 for all your lawn care needs.

Weekly Mowing

If you’re looking for weekly mowing services for your yard or around your commercial property, you’ve come to the right place.

“Salinas Landscaping has been doing our weekly mowing since last summer and they are always on-time and leave the yard clean and looking great.”

Theo S. Chicago

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