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Walkway Paving Options for Your Chicago Property

Salinas Landscaping Inc offers the latest in walkway paving patterns and materials for your walkways, garden paths, and connecting your yard areas. Getting walkway paving installed in Chicago should be done by professionals due to the inclement weather Chicago experiences year round. The extreme cold and heat waves Chicago experiences over the year can be devastating on concrete and stonework. That’s why our walkway paving in Chicago is favored over most landscapers because ours is designed to settle properly and have minimal cracking. Our walkway paving stones are selected from the best materials and are sent to us directly from the manufacturers so we get the first pick resulting in the best walkway paving stones.

Our walkway paving is available for straight, narrow, curved, inclined, long, or short walkways. There are many different walkway paving patterns to choose from staggered to herringbone patterns and more. Some walkway paving patterns are better for wide or narrow walkways but your walkway paving consultant from Salinas Landscaping can recommend the best pattern for the job.

The materials for walkway paving can vary in size, shape, stone, and of course price. Some walkway paving stones are more expensive than others but that doesn’t mean it’s the best stone for heavy traffic or easy maintenance. So be sure to ask about all the facets of the stones before making your final decision.

Our walkway paving service in Chicago includes prep and clearing if needed, at an additional cost, and the installation of the walkway paving run, finishing, and sealing, if purchased.

Walkway Paving Chicago

If you’re looking for a unique walkway paving service for your yard, garden, patio, or property in general, you’ve come to the right place.

“Salinas Landscaping did our walkway paving and it turned out so well. The gentlemen who installed it were very polite and answered all our questions. We did make a few last minute changes but the paving team was able to make it work and we are extremely happy with the results.”

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