Tree Removal Services in Chicago

Tree Removal for Residential or Commercial Properties

All over Chicago there are trees that fall, trees that are in the way, trees that can be transplanted, the list goes on and on. Salinas Landscaping offers professional tree removal services for the Chicago area. We do tree removal services in Chicago for both residential and commercial properties.

When is Tree Removal a Good Option

When a tree is badly damaged due to wind or storm damage, the safest measure would be to remove the tree in it’s entirety. If a tree were to become unstable and have the potential to fall on people or a structure, tree removal is the only option to consider. If a tree is impeding on structures or comes in contact with utilities or power lines, tree removal may be required by the city.

Another reason besides damage or danger for tree removal services is diseased trees. Not risking people getting sick but other trees or even animals. A diseased tree can lose bark and leaves and the disease can spread like diseases do. In a case of a diseased tree or trees, tree removal is a good option to consider. A far gone diseased tree can become brittle and large branches can fall with a gust of wind or heavy snow or rain fall.

What Happens After Tree Removal

Once the tree is down, Salinas Landscaping will take the tree in sections and either chip it in a wood chipper for use as mulch elsewhere or large usable pieces can be sold to millwork companies if arrangements are made in advance. We also offer stump grinding and sod or seeding to patch over the stump area.

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Tree Removal in Chicago

If you’re looking for professional tree removal for your Chicago property, Commercial or Residential, you’ve come to the right place.

“Salinas Landscaping did tree removal for us twice after two big storms and they were quick to make us an appointment and get the tree cleaned up and out.”

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