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Instead of seeding a lawn or patching dead grass, you can get live, growing grass in rolls or pallets called Sod. Sod is living pieces of grass with the blades already grown and even dirt attached to the bottom that the grass is living on. Sod farms go through the trouble of seeding, fertilizing, and cutting the grass so when the Sod gets to you, its ready to be laid down and used.

Types of Sod

There are several species of grass that comes in Sod and you want a grass that is native to your climate. In Chicago, we have hot summers and below zero winters and some Sod grass can’t take that type of change. You also want to consider the rain and watering upkeep of the grass. Some Sod grass is drought resistant and holds moisture better than others to sustain it. One big Sod choice to make is the exposure to sun adaptation. Some Sod requires more or less sunlight than others; some Sod grasses are even better in shade.

Sod Installation Choices

At Salinas Landscaping, we can help identify the Sod your yard needs and consider the upkeep levels for you. Once we know what characteristics your Sod needs, we can purchase and install your Sod for you. Whether you are patching a bare area or are Sodding and entire property, you can use Sod anywhere you need grass.

Here are the names of the most popular grass Sod:

  • Bermuda Grass Sod
  • Centipede Grass Sod
  • Fine Fescue Grass Sod
  • Kentucky Bluegrass Sod
  • Rye Grass Sod
  • St. Augustine Grass Sod
  • Tall Fescue Grass Sod
  • Zoysia Grass Sod

Scheduling A Sod Installation or Landscaping Appointment

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Sod Installation

If you’re looking for professional Sod installation for your yard or around your property, you’ve come to the right place.

“Salinas Landscaping installed an entirely new back yard of Sod at our new construction home just outside of Chicago and taught us the keys to keeping it green and healthy.”

George R. Chicago

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