Seat Wall Installation

Professional Seat Wall Installation from Salinas Landscaping

Seat walls expand the seating in your yard or around your patio by adding both a decorative divider between the yard and additional sitting areas for entertaining. A seat wall installation is relatively simple in that you can determine how wide and how much seating you would like. You can surround your entire seating area with seat walls or just a single wall. Any configuration will work for a seat wall installation.

Can Seat Walls Match the Patio

Yes, if you want it to. Some people prefer some contrast between the ground and the seat wall so they choose a lighter or darker stone than the patio. While some people prefer their seat wall installation and patio to be seamless so the same or closely similar color stones can be used or matched.

What Kind of Maintenance Does Seat Walls Have

Like a patio, after a seat wall installation, the seat wall can be sealed and should be resealed periodically, just like a sealed patio or deck. Rain and harsh weather can wear the seal just like a patio on a seat wall, so the maintenance is about the same. Since the seat walls are vertical there is less weeding than a paver patio but it happens from time to time.

Choose a Shape for Your Seat Wall Installation

Seat walls do not have to be straight boxes surrounding your patio or seating area. Salinas Landscaping can shape your seat wall with curves and angles just like your patio can be square, round, angled, or otherwise. If there is a border you’d like your seat wall installation to follow, we can make it work.

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Seat Wall Installation

If you’re looking for professional seat wall installation for your yard, patio, or around your property, you’ve come to the right place.

“We added more seating with a seat wall installation from Salinas Landscaping and now our yard is the most popular yard in the neighborhood.”

Kim R. Chicago

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