Seat Wall Installation Chicago

Hardscape Seat Wall Installation Services

For adding functionality and hardscaping to your yard, nothing brings more attention or entertaining areas than seat walls. Seat wall installation can be done independently or along the borders of a patio. Our seat wall installation team can form your seat walls along flat or curved areas to accomplish the desired design.

Seat Wall Installation Options

When seat walls are installed they can have mortar joints to adhere the blocks together or seamlessly with outdoor construction adhesive for tight joints. The blocks on seat walls can be stacked in different patterns for a desired look but the standard running stagger is popular for rectangular stones or bricks. Your seat wall installation also can include a cap stone, a larger stone that covers the tops of the stones for a seat, often leaving a lip or overhang. The top cap stone can be a variety of stones and can come in virtually any color desired.

Whats Included in Your Seat Wall Installation

When Salinas Landscaping does your seat wall installation for your Chicago area property or home, we include:

  • The Layout Plan and Measuring
  • Trenching
  • Base Laying
  • Tampering
  • First Course Backfilling
  • Building the Wall
  • Capstones

Seating Wall Ideas

Seating wall installations can be as grand or as simple as you’d like. A seat wall can define a space better, it adds additional seating, it adds borders and protection for small animals, and it looks great on any property. Some great seat wall ideas include curved seat walls, simple right angle and symmetrical seat walls for framing a patio, and you can incorporate planters and lighting into the seat wall installation for added safety, luxury, and character.

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Seat Wall Installation

For professional seat wall installation for your Chicago property, Commercial or Residential, you’ve come to the right place.

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