Retaining Wall Installation for Chicago Residential or Commercial Properties

Salinas Landscaping Inc. offers professional retaining wall installations for both residential and commercial properties in the Chicago area. Our retaining wall installation team can use the necessary engineering a functional retaining wall or just an aesthetic retaining wall for your landscaping project. Retaining walls are essential structures when working on landscaping spaces for properties with multiple levels to create and secure the integrity of the slope or shape.

We design, create and install retaining walls in a variety styles, with a variety materials and techniques, for a variety of purposes. Schedule a meeting with Salinas Landscaping’s professionals today to determine the best style and type of installation technique to best fit your needs, standards and design theme.

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Types of Retailing Walls

There are several different kinds of retaining walls that serve a variety of important purposes and needs. A gravity retaining wall relies on the mass of the material to provide stability by forcing pressure toward the retained soil. Cantilevered retaining walls require less material than gravity walls, using an internal stem to convert horizontal pressures behind the wall to vertical pressures on the ground. Sheet piling walls are made out of planks driven into the ground, and can be used for soft soils and in tight spaces. Bored pile retaining walls are assembled in a sequence of bored piles after excavating the excess soil. Any of the types of retaining walls can also be anchored for additional strength and security using cables or other stays anchored in the rock or soil below. Each type of retaining wall serves specific needs and our professionals will satisfy those needs while maintaining the aesthetics and design theme of the property.

Retaining Wall Installation Process

Our experts will provide you with the information necessary, based on your specific needs and desires, to construct the perfect retaining wall for your residential or commercial property. We will install an effective divider of soil, providing an important need that will also be a safe and attractive addition to your landscaping project.

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“We hired Salinas Landscaping to do a retaining wall installation for us to hold back a sloped hillside on our property to help with drainage and it worked like a charm and looks great.”

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