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Tree Removal Services in Chicago

For a fast quote and safe tree removal, call Salinas Landscaping today for residential or commercial properties. Our tree removal team can schedule an appointment for you as soon as possible as well as same day for emergency tree removal. Our prices for tree removal are competitive and our courteous, polite staff will always take good care of you.

Types of Tree Removal

Tree removal can come simply from it falling down, a downed tree is dangerous, it may have fallen on a structure or utilities, and it may be blocking a path or walkway. Our tree removal team can section the fallen tree and dispose of it quickly and properly. If you have unwanted trees blocking a pool from sun or just for additional yard space, tree removal may be a good option for you as well. We will take the tree down safely, typically from the top on down and we even grind away the stumps so you would never know a tree was there.

Areas for Tree Removal

Tree removal sometimes comes as a safety precaution, trees touching power lines or deep roots causing issues with drainage or water pipes should be trimmed or removed. We can perform tree removal services in both residential and commercial properties and we are fully licensed and insured. For residential properties, we can perform tree removals in both front and rear yards, even if they are fenced in.

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For more information about tree removal pricing or to schedule an appointment with Salinas Landscaping, please call us now at 630.562.4235 or fill out our easy to use form here.

We always recommend you consult a professional tree removal service before attempting to remove a tree taller than two stories that is near a structure yourself. For your safety and those around you.

Tree Removal in Chicago

For professional tree removal for your Chicago property, Commercial or Residential, you’ve come to the right place.

“Salinas Landscaping took out several trees for us to make room for a pool. They were fast and cleaned up everything the same day.”

Paul P. Chicago

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