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With 20 years of experience Salinas Landscaping Inc. will help you transform your yard and give it the ideal look and functionality of your dreams.

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Yard Rennovation
If your lawn is slowly dying, we have you covered. Salinas can seed while the existing grass remains, or rip out what’s currently existing and start fresh. We are an experienced landscape company with the ability to do back yard renovation and front yard renovation for your home.
Spring Yard Cleanup
Winter can easily take its toll on your lawn. We’ll get it back in shape with refuse removal, prepping flower beds, planting, weed control, and other yard maintenance. A thorough spring lawn cleanup is the first step in creating a beautiful yard for the rest of the year.
Fall Yard Cleanup
Downed leaves and debris are just a fact of the fall in the western Chicago suburbs. But it’s not what you want to be looking at after the first thaw of next spring. Our landscaping teams will provide fall cleanups and leaf removal services to keep your lawn looking beautiful.
A layer of mulch does more than just make your plants look beautiful. It locks in moisture, suppresses weeds, and protects bare soil. It’s a foundational part of professional landscaping. Our teams offer mulch spreading service, garden mulch installation, and landscape mulching installation.
Landscape edging helps to beautify your lawn, but it also keeps the grass from growing into flower beds. It also helps to keep the mulch contained in the flower bed after watering and rains. Our landscaping teams offer lawn and yard edging, landscape edging, garden edging, and pathway edging.
Sod Installation
Sod is a quick way to make your lawn look beautiful and control the effects of erosion from storm water. Our experienced landscape teams offer lawn turf installation, lawn resodding, sod maintenance, and turf maintenance.
New Plantings
A key part of beautifying your lawn through landscaping services is new plantings. We can help you create flower beds and gardens you’ll enjoy for years to come!
Bush Maintenance
The bushes and shrubs around your property give your yard an elegant look and feel. Our landscaping teams can help with shrub trimming, shrub pruning, shrub shaping, shrub sculpting, removal, maintenance, and more.
Tree Maintenance
Trees play an essential role in landscaping your property, but they do require a significant amount of maintenance and upkeep. Our landscaping teams offer tree removal, tree trimming, tree pruning, tree maintenance, stump removal, cabling, and more.
Tree Planting
The best time to plant a tree is today! Trees beautify your yard, provide much needed shade, and assist in drainage. Our landscaping teams provide professional tree planting services so you can receive these benefits for a long time to come.
Drainage System Maintenance
If you have drainage problems in your yard, it can be overwhelming. Our professional landscaping teams ensure that your home is safe from storm water damage with proper yard drainage solutions.

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Experienced Landscaping Services

At Salinas Landscaping, we work hard to create an outdoor environment reflective of your family’s needs. We’ve been in business for more than 20 years and we understand what it takes to construct an outdoor area you’ll love.

We are an experienced contractor proudly offering professional landscape services in the west suburbs of Chicago. We’ll transform your yard into something you’ll love with our services.

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