Patio Paving in Chicago

Professional Patio Paving for Chicago Properties

Salinas Landscaping offers professional patio paving for Chicago residential and commercial properties with a huge selection of pavers available. We can configure most patio paving projects to any shape or size requested. Patterns in patio paving can be chosen for the desired aesthetic. A common add-on for patio paving projects is an added walk way or path to tie the whole property together seamlessly.

How to Choose Patio Pavers

When choosing pavers for your patio paving project, we will show you the colors that can narrow down your options of what pavers you can choose from. The next step is the shape of the patio pavers, not all patio pavers are square or rectangles, you can have some other geometric shapes to incorporate and build around. The actual patio paving will be in a configuration or pattern that you can also consider when choosing your pavers.

How to Choose the Patio Paving Pattern

There is the running bond pattern, this is a traditional staggered brick laying pattern. The running bond pattern is great for paths and longer areas. There is also the 90 degree Herringbone pattern that puts the end of the pavers perpendicular to each other starting squarely in a corner. Then there is the 45 degree Herringbone pattern which also puts the patio pavers into a V shape but starting at a 45 degree angle starting from a corner.

While traditional paver laying patterns are wonderful, sometimes you want a little randomness to your paving to give a more earthy feeling. Our patio paving installers can show you patterns known as “musters” which include different sized patio pavers that are installed strategically to form a randomness but in an organized even pattern. The muster patio paving scheme is a combination of square pavers, rectangle pavers of equal and sometimes varying sizes.

Other Patio Paving Patterns include:

  • Basket Weave
  • Stack Bond

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Patio Paving in Chicago

If you’re looking for professionally done patio paving for your Chicago yard, garden, or around your property, you’ve come to the right place.

“We had a relatively large patio paving project done by Salinas Landscaping last year and we couldn’t be happier. It looks great, it’s easy to maintain and all our friends and family compliment our patio when they come over.”

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