New Plantings in Chicago

Professional New Plantings in Chicago

For a fresh new look or an upgrade to an old property, new plantings are available from Salinas Landscaping in the Chicago area. Salinas Landscaping can add new plantings to add color to a vast sea of green in any landscape, residential or commercial. Our landscaping staff can recommend new plantings based on maintenance preference on your part, color of blooms, size of bloom and anticipated growth, or we can plant what works best for the design altogether.

New plantings doesn’t have to be defined by flowers and plants either, our landscaping staff can add any combination of vegetation to your property. New plantings can be shrubs, bushes, trees, flowers, types of grass, annuals, perennials, even herbs, if requested. Adding new life to your property that looks professional is what makes Salinas Landscaping stand out among the rest.

Common New Planting Requests in Chicago

While most new plantings are chosen by size or color scheme to gain a particular look and feel, some plantings serve an actual purpose and have a job. Some new plantings can be added to deter mosquitos, bees, wasp, hornets, and other pests that you don’t want around your property. You can naturally repel unwanted pests with great looking and smelling plants.

Some new plantings are requested for privacy from neighbors or a busy street. Chicago has more than enough people in it and sometimes you just want to sit in your yard and enjoy the outdoors privately. Shrubs and fast growing trees are great new plantings that offer privacy and character to any property.

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New Plantings in Chicago

If you’re looking for professionally done new plantings for your Chicago yard, garden, or around your property, you’ve come to the right place.

“We’ve done new plantings every year with Salinas since we bought out house in 2012 and our yard looks better every year.”

April O. Chicago

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