Natural Flagstone Installation

Professional Natural Flagstone Installation from Salinas Landscaping

Salinas Landscapes specializes in hardscape landscaping design like natural flagstone installation for patios, gardens, walking paths, or even driveways. Our natural flagstone installation experts can help prepare, build, and lay the natural flagstone in beautiful patterns, arrangements, and configurations. The key to a great natural flagstone installation is in these three steps:

  • Preparing the Base
  • Building Up the Base Material
  • Laying the Flagstone

Our natural flagstone installation teams can easily identify what will and will not work for your flagstone project and recommend a better solution.

Preparing the Base for Your Natural Flagstone Installation

When doing a natural flagstone installation, you need to prepare the base the flagstone is going to be placed on. We level the flagstone project area by digging down and grading the dirt to a level that will accommodate the base material and the flagstone itself on top of it. We prepare the base and leave enough room for the top two layers and keep the flagstone level with the surrounding ground.

Building Base Material for a Natural Flagstone Installation – Wet Lay vs Dry Lay

Once the base prep is completed for your natural flagstone installation, there are two ways to build the base layer for your flagstone, a wet lay or a dry lay. A wet lay for a natural flagstone installation means we will pour a concrete pad that’s perfectly level and affix your flagstone into the concrete. A dry lay for a natural flagstone installation means we use a granular sand or stone mixture to create a bed for the flagstone to rest on. Filling in the gaps between the flagstone with the same material once placed.

Laying the Flagstone

Finally, we configure your natural flagstone installation like a puzzle, leaving as little gaps between the large pieces of flagstone as possible. We then can fill the gaps appropriately depending on the wet lay or dry lay method.

The choices of color, size, even shape of natural flagstone will go with any home or garden theme you may already have begun.

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