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Salinas Landscaping is proud to be a local, dependable, and affordable contractor for natural flagstone installation in Geneva. Could you send us a few words? If you have any thoughts or questions regarding how we install natural flagstone in Geneva, feel free to call us at 630-562-4235 or fill out the form on this page. A representative will get back answers to you as soon as the week is over.

Our team sets up your natural flagstone installation in Geneva like a puzzle, leaving as few gaps as possible between the big pieces of flagstone. Then, they can fill the holes correctly depending on whether you choose the wet lay or dry lay method. Our teams that install natural flagstone can quickly tell what will and will not work for your project and suggest a better way to do it.

Preparation for Your Natural Flagstone

Natural flagstone installation in Geneva can be any color, size, or even shape, so it will fit in with any home or garden theme you may already have. When installing a natural flagstone, you must prepare the base where the flagstone will go. We level the flagstone project area by digging down and grading the dirt to a level that will work for the base material and the flagstone itself. We build the base and leave enough space for the top two layers. The flagstones are kept at the same level as the ground around them.

Our natural flagstone installation in Geneva services are much more affordable than other contractors. Our goal is to meet your unique landscaping needs with skill and dedication and give you the friendly customer service you deserve.

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Our straightforward form can resolve any questions or concerns regarding the manner in which we install natural flagstone in Geneva, and a representative will get back to you as soon as possible. You may also reach us by phone: at 630-562-4235.


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