Mulch Installation

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Mulch installation is important for every landscaping project because it prevents weed growth. Installing Mulch also improves the life of the plants surrounded by mulch by retaining moisture allowing for more water to be received by the plants themselves. Professional Mulch Installation Services from Salinas Landscaping can help transform your landscaping from ordinary to extraordinary while keeping your weeding to a minimum all because you got mulch installation.

Types of Mulch

There are basically two types of mulch you can install: wood and rubber. From there mulch can get divided into types of wood and sizes and likewise with sizes of rubber. Besides the type of mulch you want, then you have to choose the color. Red, brown, and black are the most popular choices of mulch but there are many more niche colors available if you are interested in being a bit bolder.

Benefits of Mulch

Some of the benefits of having mulch installation done professionally can be directed mostly towards the quality of the soil below the mulch. Wood mulch chips fertilize soil and hold water and nutrients that plants love. Tree bark mulch lasts a few years longer than regular mulch if you are looking for a longer lasting mulch alternative. The longest lasting mulch is rubber which is permanent and never degrades but it adds no nutrients to the soil around it.

Scheduling A Mulch Installation

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Mulch Installation

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