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Salinas Landscaping has been perfecting properties since 2001. Through years of experience, we have captured different techniques to make your home most appealing. Our team of experts include architects and horticulturists who specialize in providing the best landscaping services in Warrenville.

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Residential and Commercial Services

Salinas Landscaping can help your home or business look more pleasing to your guests or clients with the simple touch of new landscaping or lawn maintenance. With over 18 years of experience in residential and commercial landscaping we can help bring your visions to life.

Our landscaping services include more than just grass cutting and bush trimming. We are a full service landscaping company that includes renovations, spring clean-ups, mulch and more. If you have an idea but don’t know where to start, let Salinas Landscaping help determine your next steps.

We will personalize a plan that specifically fits your space. A fresh new landscape will make your home or business more aesthetically pleasing and could help be more energy-efficient. Trees can provide shade which could result in cooler temperatures in your yard.

Affordable Landscaping in Warrenville

Landscaping doesn’t have to cost you all your time and money. We have landscaping ideas for every budget. Let our landscaping experts leave you feeling confident in your home or business again. Our professional architects and horticulturists will make the best recommendations based on your individual needs and wants.

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