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Landscape Design and Maintenance

Salinas Landscaping has provided landscaping services in Carol Stream for over a decade. Over the years, we have honed our skills in making your house seem its best. When it comes to landscaping in Carol Stream, our team of experts includes landscape architects and gardeners.

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Details in Landscaping

Salinas Landscaping may improve the appearance of your home or company for visitors or customers with only a little lawn care or landscaping. You can rely on our landscaping experience in Carol Stream to make your vision a reality. We do more than just mowing the lawn and trimming the shrubs are part of our landscaping services. We offer various services, including renovations, spring cleaning, mulch, and more. Get in touch with Salinas Landscaping if you need help with an idea but do not know where to start.

We will come up with a plan that’s suited to your home. Investing in a new landscape for your house or business will save long term money. Trees provide shade in the summer, which can help keep your yard cooler.

Winning Landscaping in Carol Stream

You do not have to spend much money or effort on landscaping in Carol Stream if you do not want to. Every landscaping budget is catered to here. Let our landscapers brighten your house or place of business with a new lease on life. Our team of architects and gardeners will provide you with the best advice based on your specific needs and tastes.

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Residential Services

If you’re looking for a landscaping company that does more than just cut grass and rake leaves, you’ve come to the right place.

“I recently called your company to help me with revamping my backyard. I must say that I am so pleased by the finished product. I love how easy it will be for me to maintain in the future. Thank you for being so helpful!”

Sharron L. Aurora

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