Get Trees Planted in Chicago

Professional Tree Planting Services in Chicago

Get trees planted for your Chicago property whether it is a residential or commercial installation. Our tree planting experts can prep, dig, install, set, and finish the trees planted around your Chicago property. Once the trees are planted, you can add mulch, stone, stone borders around the tree or add shrubbery around the tree for added greenery. Salinas Landscaping can also help you choose the trees to be planted by:

  • Need of Maintenance
  • Flowering
  • Leaves vs Needles
  • Fruit
  • Nuts
  • Desired Height
  • Growth Speed
  • and more

Benefits of Getting Trees Planted in Chicago

One great benefit of Chicago tree planting is the fall, you can have beautiful colors of leaves and they get even prettier in winter covered in snow. When you get trees planted in Chicago, you get the added shade in the summertime along with flowers, fruits, and nuts to choose from. Adding trees also adds homes for small creatures like birds, squirrels, butterflies, and bugs. You help the ecosystem by getting trees planted to provide more essential oxygen to the world and add animals to the area.

Pros and Cons of Getting Trees Planted in Chicago

Some trees lose all their leaves every year which makes for great mulch for gardens and helps the grass. If done right you can use planted trees dropping leaves for all sorts of gardening carbon boosting feed. If you get needled trees planted, they drop needles when it’s very windy or aren’t getting enough water but normally needled trees stay full year round. The less maintenance choice is the needled tree but since the needles don’t fall, it’s harder to grow things around them as accent plantings if you get needled trees planted because they absorb more water than leafed trees.

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Trees Planted in Chicago

If you’re looking to get trees planted professionally on your Chicago property, Commercial or Residential, you’ve come to the right place.

“We got several trees planted by Salinas Landscaping a few years ago and they have grown and provide shade all summer long.”

Peter Z. Chicago

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