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Driveways and Driveway Paving
A beautiful driveway will give your home the curb appeal you want. You have the choice between fixing cracks and updating the condition of your current driveway or replacing your current driveway. An experienced driveway contractor can help you with repairs or replacement.
Patio paving
You can have the patio and outdoor living area you always imagined for your home that allows you to enjoy nature and the beautiful Northern Illinois summer weather. An experienced paver patio contractor and installer can help you turn this dream into a reality. We are a Unilock authorized contractor and can build the patio and any outdoor living area features. We can also handle the outdoor lighting involved.
Walkway paving
Walkways can increase curb appeal by accenting your front porch and front door. They can tie various outdoor elements together and make it easier to get around your property. An experienced paving contractor can help you get the walkway you’ve sought.
Retaining walls
Building a retaining wall protects the integrity of your outdoor living area. The right retaining wall can ensure that your property remains aesthetically pleasing while managing runoff and adding structural support for the area. It can also create more usable land for either planting or recreational use. The right retaining wall installer can help you build a new retaining wall or with retaining wall repairs.
Seat walls
Building a seating wall creates a sense of space in your outdoor living area and gives your guests more options for a place to get comfortable and relax. They can also provide support retaining walls and protect flower beds. An experienced contractor can help you build a seat wall to enhance your patio and outdoor living area.
Pillars can provide the structural support needed in an outdoor living area or serve as a beautiful accent. They can enhance the visual appeal of your outdoor living area, patio, or front porch. An experienced hardscaping company can build a beautiful pillar.
Adding a pergola to your outdoor living area creates more shade while adding a beautiful look. It can also enhance the look of an outdoor kitchen or garden area. An experienced pergola installer will help you build one that compliments your backyard and adds the most benefit.
Ponds and other water features can add to the visual appeal of your backyard and give you something to enjoy from your outdoor living area. They can attract new wildlife, allow you to grow more (and different) plants, and they are low maintenance. An experienced pondscaping contractor can help you get the pond you want in your backyard.
Create outdoor living areas with a durable material that is less likely to crack or warp when exposed to the elements. It’s a more cost-effective building material than other rare types of decorative stone. An experienced flagstone contractor can help you create beautiful outdoor elements with it.
Outdoor Kitchens
Give yourself the flexibility to cook complete meals outside while relaxing and enjoying the weather or in the company of your visitors. An outdoor kitchen can add important practicality and functionality to your outdoor living area. An experienced outdoor living area contractor can help.
Keep warm on the cool Northern Illinois evenings with the help of a beautiful and dependable outdoor fireplace. Outdoor fireplaces are an excellent way to extend the patio season into the later fall months. An experienced outdoor fireplace contractor can help you build one you’ll be happy with for years.
A firepit is a great way to create a focal point for your social gatherings while keeping warm. You can get a source of ambiance and another method for cooking food. An outdoor firepit installer can help you get the beautiful firepit you want.

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Experienced Hardscaping Services

Hardscaping services are crucial when beautifying your outdoor living area and creating the landscape design your family has been looking for. Salinas Landscaping has been in business for over 20 years and understands what it takes to make your yard and outdoor property special.

We are an experienced landscape contractor, Unilock contractor, and paver repair company proudly serving the residents of the western suburbs of Chicago. Whether you are looking to pave driveways or walkways, or looking for a new stone patio complete with a firepit and outdoor kitchen area, we have you covered!

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