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Patio Paving Services to Improve Any Yard or Property

For patio paving in Chicago or the surrounding suburbs, Salinas Landscaping Inc takes care of all the prep and setup so your patio pavers look great all year round. Since there are all four seasons in Chicago, patio paving can be easily destroyed without the proper prep of the space and planning for expansion and contraction with the cold and heat. Our patio paving experts work with you to create the perfect layout and design of your patio pavers that will last for years.

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Great New Construction Patio Paving in Chicago

For new homes being built or recently built in the Chicago area, patio paving is a great way to finish off the yard and really makes a beautiful statement that you can continue to work your landscaping into. The most common problem with new construction is the earth has not settled completely and our patio paver installation team can accommodate for that with tamping the ground to artificially settle the ground so your patio paving will stay exactly the same as long as you own it. Along with patio paving, paving pathways through the yard and around the home are great ways to get started on your hardscaping before your landscaping is completed.

Update and Improve Curb Appeal with Patio Paving

To really drive interest in your home for friends, family, neighbors, or even potential buyers, nothing makes a yard look better than professionally done patio paving. Our patio pavers come in many different stone shapes and patterns. You can choose from a variety of patio paving layouts and colors to truly make the patio yours. Remember to ask about building upwards as well off your patio paving to include seat walls, fireplaces, pillars, even retaining walls.

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Chicago Patio Paving

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