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Landscape Design and Maintenance in Carol Stream

A Landscaper is experienced in building and maintaining gardens, parks and other outdoor landscapes. The job of a Landscaper includes cleaning outdoor facilities, trimming trees and bushes, ensuring plant growth and much more. Typically, if you’re interested in being a Landscaper, you need to know how to handle lawn equipment and be familiar with pesticides.

Your local Carol Stream Landscapers at Salinas Landscaping know exactly what your lawn and garden need. Give us a call at 630-562-4235 or fill out the form on this page and we’ll have one of our Landscapers contact you.

Hiring a Landscaper

You should be able to cut your grass and even pull weeds but when your home is in need of real landscaping needs, you need to consider hiring a Landscaper and here’s why. Fresh landscaping can raise your home’s value. Whether you’re in the market to sell now or later, keeping up with the maintenance outside of your home is important.

A house with beautiful landscaping makes home owners happier. If you’re the outdoorsy kind of people, you’ll be spending a lot of time in your yard and having it nicely landscaped will help enhance your mood while outdoors. A Landscaper will be able to help you design your landscaping space so you feel comfortable about what is there and how it will look.

Let us help you keep a low maintenance life. You work to enjoy your life and your outdoors. Let a Landscaper, specifically Salinas Landscaping help make your yard your mini paradise.

Lower your Water Bill

It is known that when you make improvements to your water system, you can save a lot of money. Hire a Landscaper and let us walk you through what you need to start saving. Contact Salinas Landscaping today at 630-562-4235 or fill out the form on this page and we’ll set up a time to come visit you and discuss your landscaping needs.


• Renovation
• Spring Clean-ups
• Weekly Mowing
• Mulch
• Edging 
• Sod
• Trees
• Bushes
• Perennials


• Driveways
• Patios
• Walkways
• Retaining Walls
• Pillars
• Pergolas
• Ponds
• Outdoor Kitchens
• Fireplaces
• Firepits

Residential Services

If you’re looking for a landscaping company that does more than just cut grass and rake leaves, you’ve come to the right place.

“I recently called your company to help me with revamping my backyard. I must say that I am so pleased by the finished product. I love how easy it will be for me to maintain in the future. Thank you for being so helpful!”

Sharron L. Aurora

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