Paver Repair

Paver Stone & Retaining Wall Repair Services

After a dozen years in the brick paving industry, we have seen the installations of interlocking brick pavers and modular retaining walls mature. About 50% of homes today have some type of paving stones or landscape wall application.

Most brick patio paver contractors just want to install pavers, but do not offer quality, timely, or affordable post installation services. A lot of brick paver contractors do not even honor their initial warranty let alone paver repair services for their clients.

That’s where we come in! If you need: paver repair, cleaning, sealing, and yearly maintenance of paver patios, walkways, driveways, porches & steps, pool areas, front entrances, we can take of that.

Brick paver repair, reconstruction, or replacement is very subjective and requires a thorough inspection for the right recommendation. Customer needs and budgets play a large roll to the strategy taken in performing these pavers repair services. We understand that and offer several options and costs that you can evaluate.

If you have paving stones or retaining walls installed at your home, you will require some periodic maintenance and minor repairs. Even properly installed brick pavers and retaining walls will be stressed by winter frost or neglect. If you are diligent in observing the initial signs of settling, erosion, or failure, you can avoid costly future paver repairs by letting us take care of it for you so you can keep the beauty of your home.


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